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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are vast areas of Computer Science. Both AI and ML are developing fast. Now-a-days we can find AI and ML everywhere in Banks, Hospitals, Gaming etc. But even after decades of research, researches are still trying to train computers to work like humans. So there still lies high potential of research in this domain.

Machine Learning and AI assistance at PhDResearch

machine learning AI at phdresearch

At PhDResearch we assist PhD students with different projects of AI and ML. Some of our previous project assisted in this domain includes

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Topics:

  • 1. Deep Neural Networks
  • 2. Computer Vision
  • 3. Social Network
  • 4. Big Data Dimentionality Reduction
  • 5. Cross Domain Recommendation System
  • 6. Sentiment Analysis
  • 7. Stock Market Prediction
  • 8. Credit Card Fraud
  • 9. Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • 10. Analysis of Biomedical Data And Many More...

Here, We have some huge staff expertise and experienced in this domain. These are working in academic area for long. So now are have huge caliber to implement any kind of AI and ML related Project and provide help and support for same. Our team here consists of members that are very eager learner, genuine seeker and consistent researchers. These two topics are complimentary to each other. A lot has been discovered and a lot is yet to be discovered. So, we are always open to any other new projects in these areas. You can find more Machine learning topics here.

"Buying From PhDResearch is Completly Safe Discrete. The Ideas Shared with us are 100% Confidential and are Never Reused."
Phd Research

Price of ML/AI Project or Paper

The common price for Implementing Project or implementing any Research Paper can be calculated here. Also Note that these prices are negotiable according to the requirements specified by you. We do not entertain any unfair bargain. Thus, the price will purely be based on the job requirements explained by you. We are known for on time delivery. PhDResearch team is always on time. Your project will be delivered to your on the same date as you mention. And that’s a promise. Don’t forget for further customization free revisions* are always available. So, let’s begin with your Requirements.

Our team is known for giving high support to our clients. Every Client directly deals with the subject matter experts. There are two ways through which client can contact


For better understanding client can book an appointment. Then, they can directly come to our office and have the assistance. You can find out contact details at Contact Us Page

Online (Preferred)

Clients can also access remote support and assistance for their convenience. They can connect via different softwares available e.g. TeamViewer / Anydesk anydesk and learn online.

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