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We are Researchers, keen learners and strivers for excellence. We are consistently working on improving our services to serve you better. Our Team here is happy to help in your academia and ensure you achieve more.

Our Beginnings

Initially 13 years back this incredible journey was started. Some friend reached us for help in a project implementation. By then we were not experts as well as new in this business. For friendship terms we helped him all through his project. With our continuous efforts and your trust then to now, we are grown from a small group to a team of 50+.

Our Team

We have a Large team of 50+ members. All the PhD Researchers are experts and experienced in their respective fields. With all their well qualified degrees, they value time. Our expert team never fails to deliver work on time. So, Due to their dedication we are maintaining a good retuning customer base. Therefore don’t worry you are already dealing with the best. We hope you have happy experience working with PhDResearch.






Research Papers

Thank ou for making us proud

We are in this business since 2005 but still 2018 is our début year on website. With all the amazing staff and trust of clients our business was running well offline also. We even never find necessity to market it, because it was completely running on client referral drive. Our one client led us to another client. Well we Thank You all for keeping trust in us.

The History of PhDResearch


Prior it was not a business, just a friend helping other friends to complete their college project implementation. By helping it was like supporting them and grooming self. My computer science skills were brushing up. It was more like training self for what’s coming next in the future.


Soon Along with friends some seniors and juniors started coming for guidance and consultancy. By then, the trait grooming self turns into a hunger to learn more and more. Along with each passing year I was going deep in subject, which ultimately helped me to comprehend subject more.


Due to the immense popularity there was heavy rush which led to form a team of two. So finally to avoid rush we started charging for the provided support. At that time we gained full self confidence and a confident hand on the things we were learning.


In 2008, we were started enjoying ourselves. So our passion shapes into business. We officially acquire a small place to take the business forward. Now along with computer science and information technology projects we were started handling other subjects. We started offering project electronics and project mechanics also. Click here to Find out more about our services.


Earlier we were doing work manually. Because of huge workload we shift towards using tools available. By each passing day we were gaining experience and becoming the masters in our area.


Soon we became famous in our zone and 2010 was a huge hit. With our efforts, our business was enjoying high customer returning and referring base. A lot was going on for us but somehow we managed time and start building tools of our own.


In 2011 we were ready with our own plagiarism checker tool consisting of new algorithm and design. With huge work comes huge responsibility. Now we started to evolve our business. We hire some new well qualified staff and content writers to distribute the responsibilities.


Earlier we were dealing with B.Tech/ students. Now was time to take business one step ahead. So we started going for PhD students also. In 2012 we started guiding PhD students. We avail every type of help for them from synopsis to submission. Our gates were opened for every type of PhD. Work whether it was SCI paper, any mathematical model, any tedious implementation. We were happy to help.


This year was a huge turning point for our company. Along with giving services to students, we started offering services to schools and colleges also. We made softwares and provide our services to the management of various institute. We had created various management softwares for them and luckily all are doing well till now.


In this year we were able to grasp a big opportunity to work for government. Luckily we made through and working with government was a huge proud moment for us and whole PhD. Research Company.


Well with all your well wishes we are here online to service you. Till now this journey has been a wonderful ride. Hopefully we will able to continue to do so. Wishing you Happy Working time with us. Keep Visiting.

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